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In the year of 1862, the Evergreen Baptist Church was organized with 32 members. The church was built of logs on the Bilger Plantation in the woods called Jin House with the Rev. George Byrd as its Pastor. In 1865, Rev. Albert Freeman was elected Pastor and served the congregation for 54 years. Rev. Dan Williams was served as the third pastor in 1919 and served 17 years. He was followed by Rev. Douglas Johnson who served for 9 years. Upon Rev. Johnson's resignation the Rev. J.R. Williams was elected and served faithfully for 16 years. Under his leadership the church progressed spiritually and financially. While serving, Pastor Williams was drafted to the Armed Services and Rev. W. Hines served until Pastor Williams returned. During the life of the church it once connected to the Evergreen School.


In 1963, Rev. Morris Jackson was elected and served for 57 years until his passing in 2020. During his tenure the church experienced significant growth and was renovated to its current edifice. Rev. Darren Milligan served as the interim pastor until January 10, 2021 when Rev. Johnathan S. Hill was elected to serve as the church's next pastor. 


Rev. Morris Jackson

1963 - 2020

JSHILL Headshot.jpg

Rev. Johnathan S. Hill

"I will make cedars, acacias, myrtles, and olive trees grow in the wilderness; I will make evergreens, firs, and cypresses grow together in the desert."

Isaiah 41:19 NET

Our Mission

The mission of the Evergreen Baptist Church is to  Grow people, Engage the lost, and

Serve our community. 

Happy Family
Our Mission
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Our Logo

The Evergreen Logo serves as one of the identifying marks of the church. There are 4 elements to the logo: 

1) The Cross represents Christ's salvific work on Calvary 

2) The Evergreen is representative of the evergreen plant known for its continued growth through all seasons. It is located above to the cross to signify that Jesus' work on the cross provides life for all we seek accomplish. 

3) The "E" - the shape of the "E" denotes that life is not always linear and is often filled with curves. It is also is the first letter of the name of the church. 

4) The red background signifies that we are covered by the  blood Jesus shed on Calvary. 

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